Léa Seydoux - Jalouse Magazine (September 2013)

"I started doing comedy because that was the only stage that I could find. It was the pure idea of being on stage. That was the only thing that interested me, along with learning the craft and working, and just being in productions with people."

-Robin Williams (July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014)


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While at first glance they appear to be abstract paintings, Ajay Malghan’s photos are actually the result of 35mm negatives exposed to items you most likely have in your own home!

In his series, “Bleached,” Malghan soaks 35mm negatives in ordinary items like soap, coffee, and vinegar.

35mm Film Exposed to Ordinary Kitchen Goods

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Well just watched all the episode of Silicon Valley in one night….. Soooo…. What am I suppost to do now until 2015 exactly…?